Auschwitz tour

It was a day, when I decided to see one of the most popular places of the suburbs of Krakow. I went on Auschwitz tour to see the biggest Nazi Concentration Camp in Poland. As a kid, I was very interested in the World War history and read a lot about the Jewish Holocaust as well. However, I had never been in the places that are the memorial of the Holocaust’s victims. It was time for my late history lesson.  

I’ve booked the Auschwitz tour with the KrakowDirect company as they offered it at a good price and with convenient facilities. They provided hotel pick up and drop off. I left early in the morning from Krakow, as the private van came to my hotel. Very friendly, English speaking driver introduced me to the Auschwitz tour and told me some useful information. On our way, we were watching the introductory film about the camp liberation – I was already thrilled by this video.  

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During Auschwitz liberation many people were kileed by Nazis just because they couldn’t walk.

Nazi Death Camps were really moving, and I will remember it forever. Since the first moment I crossed the gate of the camp, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the place. All of the spots, that I saw on Auschwitz tour filled me with an anxiety and sadness. Starting from the barracks, where prisoners were living in miserable conditions. Going through the places, where they were working. Ending on the places, where they were brutally killed. The whole area is divided into two main camps called: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Together they cover almost 200 ha! Although I took my camera on Auschwitz tour, I didn’t take any pictures, I didn’t feel like to do that. It was a very long day for me, full of emotions. Auschwitz tour gave me a lot of to think about, very thought-provoking place. I came back to Krakow and, unfortunatelly (I wish to stay longer), I had my flight back to Poland on the next day.

Walls of Auschwitz Death Camps
Auschwitz Death Camps are moving and thrilling places located around 70 km from Krakow.

It’s unbelievable that these two places – beautiful, lively city of Krakow and the dreadful area of Auschwitz are so close to each other. For me, it is necessary to go on Auschwitz tour for everyone, who visit Krakow. You need to see that, at least one time in your life. To sum up, my Polish trip was very diversified – from loud, lively and artistic Krakow to gloomy, terrifying and overwhelming Auschwitz. I feel a lot of emotions after that trip and I hope, that I will have a chance to visit again in the future. This city totally stole my heart forever.