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Say hello to the city of Leipzig

Leipzig is amazing city, situated on the  White Elster River. It’s full of interesting places and stories hidden in museums and old buildings. It’s the biggest city in Saxony and  second biggest after Berlin in eastern Germany. There are 515 469 people living in the city on the area of 297 KM². It is a large industrial center, one of the most important trade centers (Leipzig Trade Fair), a cultural and educational center with several centuries of tradition. The beginnings of Leipzig date back to the first half of the eleventh century. During World War II Leipzig remained one of the least damaged big German cities.

That’s why it’s worth to see original nineteenth and twentieth century architecture, untouched by bombs. That’s the city, where was founded  one of the first universities in Europe. In one of historic churches was built the tomb of Jan Sebastian Bach. He is strongly connected with this city. For more than 25 years he was an organist in the church of St. Thomas. Near the church we can find museum commemorating this outstanding composer. Let’s not forget about Auerbachs Keller restaurant in the basement. One of it’s guests was the writer- Goethe who made this place famous, placing it in his book Faust.  The legend said that doctor Faust run away from Auerbachs Keller on the barrel of wine thanks to his pact with devil. It inspired Goethe and as a result a widely appreciated book was written.

What to see in Leipzig?

  • Battle of the Nations Monument
  • Late-Renaissance building- New Town Hall- Neues Rathaus
  • Old Town Hall- Altes Rathaus
  • Grassi Museum
  • St. Thomas Church
  • Leipzig University
  • XVth century Royal House
  • Building of the Federal Administrative Court- Bundesverwaltungsgericht
  • The Leipzig Cotton Mill
  • Botanical Garden

Of course, those are just examples of Leipzig attractions. Unfortunately bigger cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich dominated German tourism. Unsung city is waiting for you to discover it. Let’s start!